We’re back! Part 2

Hello blog readers! It is I the great and powerful Lindsey! Just kidding 😉 ! I am seriously Lindsey though. I apologize for replacing your Munchie Mondays.  (If you are extremely desperate to make a Munchie, a while back Mommy made a tutorial on her YouTube for some Ice Cream. In the sidebar click the “play” button to find it) Anyways- as you may know I have returned from the Doll Hospital. According to Caroline, I need to show before and after posts. So that is why I am here. 

Lindsey Before 1


Pretty amazing huh? I am sorry for the lighting- we decided NOT to edit these photos so you can see what I really looked like and what not. 

Lindsey Before 2


I don’t know about you- but I LOVE my hair now! 


I am so very happy! No more nail polish on my eyelids no more sharpie around my eye and on my ear- I feel perfect! Amazing! Infact I can’t even describe it to you! 🙂 





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