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This weekend we decided to take a big step- move out site to blogger. We started with WordPress because we were familiar with it and didn’t want to start blogger because we didn’t think we’d really post a lot. But now we love blogging! We hope you’ll come check us out over at blogger.











Interview with The Salty’s!

I don’t know about you, but I love discovering new awesome blogs! A while ago, my sisters and I discovered The Salty’s blog. I recently got in contact with them, and got the chance to interview them for you! 

Check out the Salty’s here:


 How long have you been blogging?

Chrissa: Two months.

 What is your favorite thing about blogging?
Chrissa: Telling the world how awesome I am. (Just kidding!) Really, I love to see how creative I can get when I’m posting.
Elizabeth Grace: Getting to share my photography with other girls.

 What/Who are your inspirations?
Elizabeth Grace: The Spicys, and our friend Julie (from Jlove)
Chrissa: What she said.:) 
Why did you start the Saltys? 
Chrissa: Every day I would see other girls do it, so I thought, Why not try one of those blog things?  Turns out, it was pretty fun!
Elizabeth Grace: It looked like so much fun to blog! I mean, who wouldn’t want make friends online?

Do you have any tips for new bloggers?                                                                                                                                                                                             Chrissa: People like to see the real you, not what you think they want to see.                                                                                                                Elizabeth Grace: Break up your posts with photos.  Even your most devoted fan does not want to read five paragraphs of text.

Thanks Elizabeth Grace and Chrissa! 
The photo featured in this post is from The Salty’s blog. It is not our in any way. We give them full credit for the photo.

Wonderful Etsy Wednesday: For the Love of Beanies

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely LOVE beanies! Especially those ones that look like owls, frogs, cookie monsters 😉 , you know that sort of stuff. So this Wednesday I thought I could share my favorites with you! 🙂

 First up, we have this gorgeous, colorful owl from sugarandspice1985 ! 

Owl Beanie

Isn’t that cute? I love the colors! I also love the fact that is only 5 dollars! What a deal! 🙂 Also, if you don’t like the colors you can buy a pattern for the same hat too! 

Here’s the listing:

This bunny beanie from lillianloy is was too cute! 

Bunny Beanie

I love the little nose! For only 6 dollars who wouldn’t want one of these? 

Here’s the listing:

This sock monkey beanie from littledarlynns looks so well made and just WOW! Amazing craftsmanship and so adorable! 

Sock Monkey Beanie

Priced at 12 dollars this is something everybody should have in their closet! 

Here’s the listing:

Look at this one! So amazing! The hat is so beautiful! 

Frog Beanie

7.99 for this! So worth it! 

Here’s the listing:

What do you think of this week’s Etsy Wednesday? What do you want us to do next week? 

❤ Mia 

In no way is Our AG Adventures affiliated with any of the Etsy shops listed above. Pictures completely belong to the Etsy sellers we take no credit in them at all.

We’re back! Part 2

Hello blog readers! It is I the great and powerful Lindsey! Just kidding 😉 ! I am seriously Lindsey though. I apologize for replacing your Munchie Mondays.  (If you are extremely desperate to make a Munchie, a while back Mommy made a tutorial on her YouTube for some Ice Cream. In the sidebar click the “play” button to find it) Anyways- as you may know I have returned from the Doll Hospital. According to Caroline, I need to show before and after posts. So that is why I am here. 

Lindsey Before 1


Pretty amazing huh? I am sorry for the lighting- we decided NOT to edit these photos so you can see what I really looked like and what not. 

Lindsey Before 2


I don’t know about you- but I LOVE my hair now! 


I am so very happy! No more nail polish on my eyelids no more sharpie around my eye and on my ear- I feel perfect! Amazing! Infact I can’t even describe it to you! 🙂 




We’re Back!

Hey! It’s Molly and Lindsey here! And we’re back! 

Here are before and after photos. Please excuse the terrible lighting, we didn’t edit these.

First, Molly:

Molly Before 2


Incase you could not tell, the above is me before and the below is me after.

The back of my head:

Molly Before 3


Much better right? 

Molly Before 1


I love my new look! 🙂

Lindsey we be here tomorrow! 

Hello! Kanani here! A bit of an update- due to the fact that we have just moved, I am still unpacking my kitchen, so I will not be able to make a Munchie Monday post for tomorrow. I’m really sorry, but next week Munchie Mondays will continue as usual. 

Music’s in my soul <3

Abigaile here! I love music! I thought you may like to see my top 5 playlist. 

1. A Team by Ed Sheeran 


2. Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift 2

3. Want U Back by Cher Lloyd

4. All Too Well by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift 1

5. Moments by One Direction

Zayin 1D


Those are my top 5 picks! 🙂 We finished packing (finally!) but now, we are unpacking ( 😦  ) but someone’s back! They’ll say hi later!