Us 7

Caroline Profile Photo

Name: Caroline Lorraine (Mommy’s last name)

Age: 5 (almost 6! 🙂 )

Birthday: Mommy’s B-day

Likes/Hobbies: Reading, A+’s, Photography, Blogging, Soccer, and playing with Coconut (my dog)

Dislikes: Slang words, the word “ain’t “, A-‘s and books with lame endings.

Mia Profile Photo

Name: Mia St.Clair (Mommy’s Last name)

Age: 4 (close to 5 🙂 🙂 )

Birthday: Mommy’s B-day

Likes/Hobbies: Ice Skating, Fashion, Fabulosity, playing with Meatloaf,  and Hair Styling.

Dislikes: No Fabulosity, people with no style in their hair (wearing it down and plain), and ugly clothing.


Name: Lanie Holland (Mommy’s last name)

Age: 2

Birthday: August 30th

Likes/Hobbies: Gardening, Nature, Spring, Bunnies, and Cuffed Jeans.

Dislikes: Rudeness, clothing made with real animal products ex. snakeskin boots, fur rug, etc..



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